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You have an idea where you want your business to go? Need some help getting involved in the global market? We are the experts at helping our customers take their businesses to the next stage. Our focus is on Thai manufacturing, we have established relationships in Thailand, China and Mexico for high volume, price driven scenarios.  



We are a leading global supplier of electronic sub-assemblies and components.  Because our quality control standards are high, our manufacturers are among the best. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s specifications by offering a competitive price, superior quality, and on-time delivery.



JMS Electronics has warehousing throughout the United States and manufacturing capabilities in the United States, Asia and Latin America. Our Headquaters is located in Yorkville, IL. Our production services are flexible and based on the customer’s needs. We manage low to high volume production with low to high mixed technologies with equal efficiency.

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Our Mission is to provide our customers with the lowest cost solution for the procurement and inventory management of electronic sub-assemblies and components at the highest quality levels.  In addition to sourcing, we utilize our employees’ extensive background in Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Logistics, and Warehousing