We are a leading global supplier of electronic sub-assemblies and components. Because our quality control standards are high, our manufacturers are among the best. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s specifications by offering a competitive price, superior quality, and on-time delivery. Following is a summary of our product offering.


Power Supply Cords

JMS Electronics supplies a variety of molded and attachment type North American Style, International Style, and specialty power cords.  Specialty items include retractable coil, in-line switch cords, DC plugs, phone plugs, DINS, and DB styles.

Power Supply Cord
Wire Harness

Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

We design and fabricate wire harnesses in complexity from single conductor leads to multiple wire configurations with multiple breakouts.  Our capabilities include multi-conductor cable assemblies, ribbon cables, coaxial cable assemblies, and fiber optic assemblies.


We offer a broad spectrum of solutions for PCB design and assembly.  We have developed our expertise to meet the unique and diverse needs of our customers and are leaders in using advanced PCB assembly and testing processes and technologies.  We have the ability to provide end-to-end solutions from our locations worldwide.


Our production services are flexible and based on the customer’s needs.  We manage low to high volume production with low to high mixed technologies with equal efficiency.  Our production capabilities include complex double-sided PCB assembly, ball grid array, in-circuit and functional testing, high complex assembly, back planes, SMT placement, through-hole and mixed technology assembly.

PCB Assembly
Molded Cable

Molded Strain Reliefs & Junctions

Molded Strain Reliefs and Junctions are available in standard configurations or can be custom designed to the customers’ application or specifications.

Connector Overmolding

We specialize in the overmolding of a wide range of connector types.  Our capabilities include the overmolding of rectangular molded connectors, circular molded connectors, audio connectors, coaxial molded cables, modular connector overmolds, and molded power connectors.
Connector Overmolding
Molded Rubber

Molded Rubber Products

JMS Factories provide solutions for custom rubber parts, gaskets, o-rings, bumpers, shock absorbers, anti-vibration and more.  Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards which are driven by ISO/TS 16949, NSF/Standard 61 and other certifications.

Metal Fabrication

We have the ability to make almost any metal component with a variety of materials and processes.  We use the latest in fabrication technologies and assembly techniques.  Our specialization is in panels, chassis, brackets, and subassemblies. .
Metal Components

Specialty Hardware & Fasteners

In addition to standard hardware and fasteners, our manufacturing facilities focus is on custom made parts manufactured to our customer’s drawings and specifications.